Recycled Plastic Wide Tooth Comb
Recycled Plastic Wide Tooth Comb
Recycled Plastic Wide Tooth Comb

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Recycled Plastic Wide Tooth Comb

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Style:Ye-O - green


These fantastic combs from Mull Club are made in using recycled plastic sent from homes across the UK. Each comb is approximately 1 milk carton and 2 lids worth of plastic.

Not one comb is the same as another, meaning your comb and its beautiful patterns will be unique to you. 

We have 3 designs:

Ye-O (green)

Marble (black)

Van'ish (pink)

Size: 15x6cm

Every purchase supports Mull Club's mission to revolutionise the recycling industry in the UK. They are actively diverting plastic waste from landfill, incineration, or being sent overseas. Find out more.

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